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 Build better connections.

Happiness - we all want it, and most of us struggle to find it.

UVM Thrive is here with simple ways to

boost students' happiness levels by helping them

reconnect with nature, others, and themselves.

Explore our blog and podcast below to connect more deeply with nature, others and yourself.

We are you, we feel you, and we're here for you.

Our Pillars


As technology becomes more immersive in our lives, we are losing contact with the natural world. By stepping away from our devices and engaging with nature, we can enjoy the benefits of the sun, natural landscape, and fresh air around us.


Thanks to COVID-19 making everything online, we're out of practice having in-person social interaction. As we transition back to in-person life, our campaign aims to support your social connection and make this transition easier.



We need to turn our brains off sometimes. In a hyper-busy world, the first thing we tend to lose track of is me-time. We got a lot of me-time during shutdown, and UVM thrive is here to help us stay connected with ourselves as we transition to in-person life.

Explore and Thrive

Want to explore ways to connect with others? To spend time with yourself? To get back to nature?

Check out our blog, our podcast, or our Instagram page.

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